Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Gintaras. V. Reklaitis

Purdue University

The Evolution of PSE and the PSE Research Agenda in the Era of Digitalization

Dr. Vipin Gopal

Eli Lilly and Company

AI Transformation in Healthcare

Prof. Francois Marechal

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

On the role of Process and Energy Systems Engineering for the energy transition

PSE Beacons

Prof. Dominic Foo

University of Nottingham, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Process Integration – Systematic Tools for Resource Conservation and Beyond

Dr. Rafiqul Gani

PSE for SPEED Company, Bangkok

Chemical products for a changed world - the issues and needs from a PSE perspective

Prof. Marianthi Ierapetritou

University of Delaware, Delaware

Data Revolution and Process Systems Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities

Prof. Faisal Khan

Texas A&M University, College Station

Safety in Digitalized Process Systems

Prof. Zofia Lukszo

Delft University of Technology, Delft

Hydrogen for climate and energy targets in Europe

Prof. Thokozani Majozi

University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

On Water and Energy Optimization in Time Dependent Operations: Techniques and Applications

Prof. Davide Manca

Politecnico di Milano, Milano

Operator training, the past, the present, and the future

Prof. Christos Maravelias

Princeton University, Princeton

New Supply Chain Optimization Research Directions – Spatially Explicit Approaches and Insights

Prof. Iqbal Mujtaba

University of Bradford, Bradford

Water, Water Everywhere, Not Any Drop to Drink

Prof. Gurkan Sin

Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Copenhagen

Model-based engineering meets Artificial Intelligence – Application to life science industries

Prof. Hirokazu Sugiyama

The University of Tokyo, Tokyo

Roles of physical, statistical, and hybrid modeling approaches for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Seongmin Heo

Dankook University, Yongin

Comparative Analysis of Carbon Capture and Utilization Products with Global Market Considerations

Prof. Soorathep Kheawhom

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok

Zinc-based batteries: energy storage for a circular economy

Prof. Sanghong Kim

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo

Roles of Process Systems Engineering in Fuel Cell Research and Development

Prof. Widodo Wahyu Purwanto

University of Indonesia, Depok

The Role of Energy Systems Engineering for Designing Sustainable Energy Systems Transition

Prof. Manojkumar Ramteke

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Multi-objective and multi-salesman extension of travelling salesman problem for real applications

Prof. Lim Jeng Shiun

University of Technology Malaysia, Iskandar Puteri

A Systematic Debottlenecking and Cost-Benefit Allocation Framework for Multi-Owners Integrated Palm Oil Based Complex

Prof. Bor Yih Yu

National Taiwan University, Taipei

Evaluations on the Pathways for Converting CO2 into Chemicals

Prof. Zhihong Yuan

Tsinghua University, Beijing

Robust Decision-making for the Process Industry under Complex Manufacturing Environment

Prof. Wu Zhe

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Machine Learning in Model Predictive Control